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na na na na na nanana

rollin rollin rollin

8/30/09 12:23 am

'depressive spectrum sounds deceptively non-depressing. what's bad about rainbows?'Collapse )

5/10/09 01:35 am - yo mama so human--

Non-spoilery Star Trek thoughts: the moral of the story is never get in a 'Yo Mama' fight with a Vulcan.

Spoilery Trek thoughtsCollapse )

2/14/09 11:09 pm

So the cops have been camping out my neighborhood at night for the last month or so.

I know I don't live in the classiest place, but this is getting insane. They're following people when they drive out and pulling them over for literally nothing; tonight, two people were pulled over for no reason within 15 minutes of each other.

My mother offered this sage advice in case they go for me, because I usually get home from work at about 11: "Just give them your license, the registration is right in the glove, and be very polite. Fucking bastards!"

(I've been using this as a comment journal for, uh, almost the last two years. Whoops. Updates in status quo, in case anyone is interested: am now over 18, totally did not read Final Crisis at all, have job in ice cream store, have driver's license. Woo!)

12/18/07 10:39 pm

A bit late, but a few Christmas icons and assorted others.

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9 iconsCollapse )

8/25/07 03:41 am - continuing my mission to make ansem interesting

"Don’t bother. Your voice can no longer reach him where he is. His power battery belongs again to yellow fear bugs. All worlds begin in fear, and all so end. The power battery is no different. Yellow fear bugs sprout within it, grow, consume it. Such is its nature. In the end, every power battery returns to the fear whence it came. You see, yellow fear bugs are the power battery’s true essence."

So, that makes Ansem...what, Sinestro? Mickey is about appropriate size for Ganthet, Sora is Kyle, Riku is Hal, Kairi is...hm. Not quite Carol, maybe Arisia?

Trufax: Geoff Johns can beat Sephiroth on expert mode.

8/22/07 01:26 am

I'm in a discussion with a guy about the content of his story being really awkward and vaguely offensive (the story's pretty tl;dr but the crux of it is that Asian people are secretly aliens and they take over America), but I am becoming increasingly sure he's a troll.
Case in point, because this is too good not to shareCollapse )

8/20/07 02:13 am - "Have you seen a man in a black cape?"

Megalomaniacal supergenuises setting up secret labs in the basements of old mansions in sleepy hamlets and creating out-of-control monsters from their subordinates FTW.

And they say this game isn't like Final Fantasy.

8/18/07 12:13 pm - kingdom hearts

You know what, I'm just gonna mentally replace 'heart' with 'Green Lantern power battery', 'light' with 'willpower', and 'darkness' with 'yellow fear bug'. The long-winded metaphors will be more entertaining and probably make more sense.

"[The Heartless are] those things that come outta the fear in folks'
power batteries."

Now if only Sora would get hit in the head more...

8/5/07 10:04 pm - icons for some, miniature american flags for others!

Mostly iconned Bruce Timm pics I found floating about.
9 Batgirl
3 She-Hulk
2 Harley Quinn
1 Cloak and Dagger
and 5 Green Lantern/Coupling icons.
21 iconsCollapse )

8/5/07 05:31 pm

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hair = Fail Y/N? I couldn't find a good dreadlocks ref. It seems like every picture on the internet is some teenager with a cell phone cam.

I'm so fucking proud of that skin, though.
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